The Avantis Console has been launched all over India with launch events taking place at Hotel Holiday Inn in Mumbai, Hotel Jaypee Siddharth in Delhi, Hotel St. Marks in Bangalore and Hotel Radha Regent in Chennai. The launch event was conducted by Jamie Ward, Director of Sales, APAC, A&H. Notable sound engineers from their respective cities were present during the launch event as well. Some of those attendees were:

Mumbai :  Ajay Cordozo (Star Professional Audio), Darryn Vandrine (Mediaminds India Pvt. Ltd.), Nitish Phanse (Audio Genetics), Prasad Satam (Freelancer Audio Engineer).

Delhi : Jacob Joseph (Audio Pro Lighting & Sound), Navneet Wadhva (Owner of Audio Design), Yogesh Dhavan (Dhawan Electricals Pvt Ltd), Abhishek Sanadhya (Abhipriya Traders, Udaipur), Deepak Gover (Grover Electricals), Gurlshal Batra (Batra Electronics).

Bangalore : Santana Davis (JDAVIS Prosound & Lighting), Reynold’s Sound and Lighting, Kumar from Prolytes, Sharad, Prolytes, Team from Audio Academy.

Chennai :  Selvam from Shekhar Audio, Timothy Vanderputt, Technical Director – Band Sanam, Navneet, Audio Engineer.

Some of the questions asked during the workshop included inquiries about the number of channels in the console, the bus count, FX count, Dante compatibility and different I/O options.

The Avantis Console is available exclusively through the pan India dealer network of Sun Infonet. Interested customers also have the option of booking the Avantis in advance through a dealership. They can also send their requirements in advance. Customers also have the option of sending their requirement to Sun Infonet.

The firm is planning to use a four step method to tap in to the market and attract customers:

  1. Educating customers : Through Roadshows, Workshops, Hand-on-Sessions.
  2. Team Sun Infonet has been inviting industry people to try their hands on the console to feel the difference and to know the unique features added into this console.  For this purpose, a country-wide launch had been arranged and sound engineers and owners of rental companies had been invited to get in depth knowledge.
  3. Made purchase easier  – Rates are more comp
  4. Widened the distribution network :  The Avantis is available through an extensive distribution network across the country.etitive than other consoles available in the market
  5. Changed product design : Team Allen & Heath has designed this console in a way which makes the workflow of sound engineers easy and provides all the upgraded features which can be expected in high end consoles. Some of those incredible features are:
    • 96kHz engine XCVI FPGA Engine
    • 64 Channel / 42 Configurable Bus
    • Full HD touch screens
    • A super-flexible workflow with continuity UI
    • XCVI Core – 0.7 MS Latency 
    • Everything I/0 Huge Range of Remote Expanders
    • dPack upgrade for Additional dLive processing
    • Super strong, lightweight full metal chassis
    • Internal storage for stereo playback and recording
    • Comprehensive metering with multi-point peak detection
    • 144 fader strips (24 faders, 6 layers) with optional dedicated master section.

The Avantis got some gleaming reviews from people who have used it:

Tanish Sakhuja, Owner: This is really an awesome product with a metal body for rugged use in Indian climate, unique design as per sound engineers’ requirement, and is easy to transport from one place to another.

Tanmay Masurkar, Sun Infonet in-house Audio Engineer: It’s the best upgrade for customers who are looking for 64 channel consoles, more Aux, more FX and 96khZ quality at the best possible ROI.

Jayakaran(Sr.Live Sound Manager) & FOH for Vic and the Big Fish at the Chennai Launch: The Band of Vic and the Big Fish had been signed up to showcase the real field operation of the console to the attendees. With limited time for soundcheck at the launch due to back to back launch events across cities, Avantis showed what it can do on day one itself, the band was happy with what they heard on their IEMs and I was happy with the way they sounded with minimal processing. Thanks to Avantis preamps and its continuous UI.

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