Sun Infonet Private Limited (SIPL) was founded in 1999

 The company prides itself on being one of India’s leading distributors of audio brands for the installation, rental and retail industries across the country.


Sun Infonet’s distribution arm supplies the very best professional audio products sourced from renowned suppliers across the globe.

Driven by the philosophy of “Enhancing Audio Experience”, Sun Infonet strives to provide innovative and reliable solutions to customers in the audio field. The firm believes that staying true to this philosophy is crucial for its growth.

A true leader in its field, Sun Infonet was among the first distributors that fulfilled the equipment requirements of elite touring companies in the country. Sun Infonet also served as one of the first system integrators for emerging Indian music venues. Sun Infonet developed its business around delivering top notch products and reliable solutions to all of its customer’s problems.

Sun Infonet has heavily invested itself in the applications resources sector, and that contributes to about 60% of the company’s entire workforce now. Sun Infonet’s commitment to excellence in application is unparalleled. When that excellence is combined with the technical skills of our integration partners, it fills us with the belief that we are extremely capable of successfully implementing our growth formula over a long period of time.

Sun Infonet would not exist without the contributions of its pillars: suppliers who provide opportunity, customers who provide revenue and without whom there is no business, and management & staff who work with the aforementioned pillars to build and sustain an ever-evolving and profitable company.