MV88+ Stereo USB Microphone


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The Shure MV88+ is a professional quality condenser microphone that plugs directly into a mobile device using a Lightning® or USB-C connector. Two microphone capsules in a Mid-Side configuration provide an adjustable stereo image, suitable for capturing a variety of sources, including music and speech. The ShurePlus MOTIV app allows you to customize your sound with digital signal processing (DSP), preset mode selection, gain adjustment, compression, and stereo width control.

Record any instrument or vocals with ease using the MV88+ Stereo USB Microphone and configure the microphone to suit any
recording situation. Connect to your Mac or Windows computer and download the free ShurePlus MOTIV™ Desktop App to
configure the microphone to suit any given recording situation; adjust microphone settings such as EQ, Monitor Mix, Limiter,
Compression, pick-up pattern (Mono, Stereo, Bi-Directional, and Raw Mid-Side) or pick from 5x DSP preset modes to get started
instantly. Monitor your recording using the built-in headphone output to ensure your sound is perfect at all times. Embrace the
power of one microphone.

This product is a brand-new opened box product. It comes with manufacturer warranty.


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