Mumbai – 1st October 2023
Nestled in the heart of Mumbai at Nesco Centre in Goregaon, Meyer Sound, in collaboration
with Sun Infonet, orchestrated a comprehensive three-day educational event entitled “Listen,
Lunch and Learn – Portable System Deployment.”

The primary objective was to present Meyer Sound’s cutting-edge audio solutions to industry
professionals while imparting essential training to engineers and technicians, enabling them
to adeptly deploy these systems across diverse scenarios.

The event strategically catered to a niche audience, including system integrators,
consultants, design engineers, and audio professionals. Attendees were treated to firsthand
experiences with Meyer Sound’s latest innovations, notably the ULTRA-X20 compact wide
coverage loudspeakers and USW-112P compact subwoofers, distinguished as the industry &
inaugural Milan-certified portable PA loudspeakers. The event’s showcase also featured
Meyer Sound’s remarkable “Power Couples,” uniting ULTRA-X40 compact loudspeakers
with 900-LFC compact low-frequency control elements, accompanied by a lineup of six
ground-stacked LINA very compact linear line array loudspeakers and the revolutionary
2100-LFC low-frequency control elements. The spatial sound design and mixing tool,
Spacemap Go seamlessly complemented the system.

Post-lunch, the session, led by Meyer Sound’s Technical Services Manager, Latin America,
Oscar Barrientos from Mexico, delved into a comprehensive training on the Meyer Sound
Precision Toolset – a pivotal tool for predicting, driving, and monitoring the systems
showcased during the listening session of the event.

A dedicated day was allocated to the highly anticipated topic of “Portable System
Deployment Fundamentals,” led by Oscar Barrientos. This session offered participants
foundational knowledge crucial for accurate deployment of portable live sound systems,
covering critical aspects such as networked audio and sound system monitoring.

The training session’s ultimate goal was to furnish attendees with a practical understanding of the entire process, from initial system design to final verification. All concepts were elucidated using Meyer Sound solutions, including loudspeakers, rigging hardware, the MAPP 3D System Design Tool, Galileo GALAXY Network Platform, Compass Control Software, Nebra Connectivity and Monitoring Tool, AVB Milan networking, and FFT-based transfer-function
analyzers. The two-day symposium, “Listen, Lunch and Learn,” concluded with expressions of gratitude
to Meyer Sound and Sun Infonet from various industry players. Simultaneously, the one-day
training session concluded with appreciative remarks from attendees representing system
integration companies, consultancy firms, and freelance audio engineers. The triumph of this
educational endeavour has not only set a precedent, but also established the groundwork for
Team Meyer Sound and Sun Infonet to replicate this initiative in Bangalore.

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  1. Sun Infonet is a company who apart from selling products, imparting product knowledge and conducting educational events to educate industry professionals, freelancers and students well.

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