The award-winning rental company @friendsofshiva , based in East India, recently expanded their inventory by incorporating our PANTHER large-format linear line array loudspeakers and 2100-LFC low-frequency control element. The company provides a distinctive blend of expertise and insight to cater to the entire regions of West Bengal, North East, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, and North Bengal.

Friends of Shiva reached out to @suninfonet, our distributor based in Delhi, to add the newly-launched PANTHER and 2100-LFC into their inventory. Utilizing this system, the company’s team recently executed their first show, the Coca-Cola Festival 2023 Season 2, which was held in Kolkata in November. The festival featured performances by artists and bands such as Amit Trivedi, Lakkhichhara, Antara Nandy, Sahatay and Dindun, Fossils & Friends, Euphoria, Coke Studio Bangla, and When Chai Met Toast, powered by a system that utilized 24 PANTHER loudspeakers, 16 2100-LFC control elements, and 2 Galileo GALAXY 816 Network Platforms.

“The Meyer Sound PANTHER, with its remarkable output exceeding 150 dB in a compact cabinet, proved to be the ideal selection for incorporating a large-format line array. The system delivers unparalleled linearity and headroom,” remarked Director Kyle Mukherjee. “Choosing the Meyer Sound System, specifically the combination of PANTHER and 2100-LFC, was ideal for the show. The system sounded incredible comfortably driving at 115 dB C at the console, and it sounded clear and bright even from a distance of 300 feet at the back of the venue.

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