Corporates spend millions on buying real estate, beautiful infrastructure & back-end equipment.  They also seek to have the latest top technology products, better collaborative experience, and most importantly, they look for a visually appealing solution that matches the architect’s vision. As an SI/Consultant or end-user, it’s always tricky and difficult to match aesthetics and give the best solution.

For such instances, Sun Infonet as a distributor provides top technology and customized aesthetics products from Shure and Meyer sound. Shure MXA910 is a very popular microphone in corporate venues. The mic can be attached to the ceiling and give an additional benefit of color matching.

The front grill of the MXA910 can be removed and repainted with a standard procedure shown in this link: For those who prefer reading instructions, the procedure is mentioned in the MXA910 user guide.

Sun Infonet also provides a wide range of customized color-matching with Meyer Sound speakers. Any order of more than 10 speakers is given a custom color from the factory, free of cost. With pristine audio, it adds to the beauty of the room.

The following example may not be of the corporate kind but it shows the extent of color matching that can be done from the factory itself.

As an end-user and SI, it creates a perfect balance to have the technology and also pleases the vision of the architect and interior designer.

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