Shure QSHB3 Mobile Phone Headset With Boom Micorphone

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The QSHB3 Quiet Spot Boom Micorphone from Shure is a single-ear communication headset designed for use with most mobile phones that use a 2.5mm jack. The earpiece features a flexible ear clip for excellent stability, as well as an in-ear element to direct sound right to the ear. A personal fit kit with multiple sizes of ear tips is included, allowing you to fit a comfortable fit that maximizes noise isolation.

The directional noise-canceling microphone rejects up to 70% of extraneous noise, allowing the caller on the other end to hear you clearly. The mic sits at the end of a flexible boom arm for optimal positioning. A foam windscreen is included to reduce the effects of wind noise while outdoors.

* This is a brand new original unopened product. This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and as such carries no warranty. This product is not eligible for returns or refunds.

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Country of Origin: China