Gita Vidya Mandir Girls College, Sonepat, a well-established, reputed and multi-faculty institute is one of the prominent educational institutions in Northern India, accredited with the prestigious NAAC ‘A’ Grade and honoured with the title of “Potential for Excellence” invested in State-of-the-Art Sound System for their newly built 720 seater Auditorium ‘Indradhanush’ which has recently been inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Haryana, Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar.  

The project was initiated by Dr.  Jyoti Juneja who was the erstwhile Principal.  The project faced a hurdle due to the lockdown but was later successfully carried forward and accomplished by Dr. Renu Bhatia, who took over charge from Dr. Juneja as the new principal of the college.

Well equipped with latest infrastructure including Lighting, green room, restroom other basic amenities and most importantly acoustically treated Auditorium has been designed and built in a manner where the students/management of this college can conduct extracurricular activities, cultural programmes, live performances and host the functions of the college with ease.

According to Dr. Renu Bhatia, Principal of the college “While working on the blue print of the auditorium, the architect and the vendor were given specific instructions to design the auditorium in such a manner as could help them install the best sound and light system. The State-of-the-art auditorium with a seating capacity of over 720 people required a comfortable seating and modern acoustics. Curved surfaces and spade walls were preferred instead of parallel walls for better sound quality. We wanted that the vocal performances music and speech should be loud enough for the audience to hear, including those sitting at the very back of the auditorium. Sound should neither be distorted nor echoic. the sound system installed in the auditorium with wall mounted Loudspeakers, sub woofers, processors, mixers, mics and monitors are of excellent quality. Sound absorbing acoustical panels make listening programmes in the auditorium a treat. Every penny of investment in improving the acoustics of our auditorium is worth it”.

To achieve the objective of getting best sound system, they did research and approached Sun Infonet Private Limited a Delhi based Distributor of various brands like Shure, Meyer Sound, Audio Focus, Quest Engineering and Allen & Heath to provide a complete sound system. 


Keeping the objective and requirement of the management into consideration, Sun Infonet deployed a Team of engineers from Application and Service teams to visit the venue and design a sound system that fits into management expectations. 

While visiting this venue, the team Sun Infonet was well prepared and focussed to provide best sound System.  After visit and working on design, they decided to go with Shure Microphones in combination with Allen & Heath Mixer, Audio Focus Line array and Subwoofers and Quest Audio speakers to cover the entire area.

Solution provided

To address the Audience, Two Shure Gooseneck microphones CVG12DRS-B/C have been installed on each podium placed on either side of the stage.   For best wireless audio experience, eight Shure SLXD4 Digital Wireless System coupled with two Shure UA844+SWB Antenna Distribution Systems have been installed in a Rack to use at Stage and to cover the full complete area of the auditorium through two Shure SLXD2/SM58 & four SM35 Peformance headset condenser microphone.  Two WL185 Cardioid TQG Lavalier Microphone have also been added in the inventory for the VIP Guests and Presenter of the Show. To avoid the interruption due to any Battery issue, Eight SB903 Lithium-ion battery for SLX-D Wireless coupled with Four SBC203 Dual docking recharging station have also been chosen.

To cover the maximum rows of the auditorium, Six Audio Focus Ares 8a 2-way self-powered line array loudspeaker along with one Audio Focus B18 high performance compact 18″ passive subwoofer each have been installed in a line array on both side of the Stage.  To monitor the sound, two Quest QM3 Two-way Active Bass Reflex Speaker have been installed at both side of the stage and one Audio Focus CM15A 15″ self-amplified stage monitor each at both side of the Stage on Tripod have also been installed.

Apart from the above stated gear Four Audio Focus S18a self-powered 18″ subwoofer with one Venu 8a on each subwoofer have been installed under the stage for the front fill and best bass experience. 

For the Sonic experience One Venu 12a – 2-way 12″ self-amplified point source loudspeaker each side have also been installed for the last few rows for fill.  To manage all these gear, one Allen & Heath’s  SQ6 – 48 channel / 36 bus digital mixer coupled with One DX168 96kHz portable expander for adding remote I/O to a mixer is also installed in the Sound Room along with iPad for the remote setting. To monitor the sound quality through Mixer, one Shure SRH240-A and One Quest QSA 200i have also been installed in the control room.  

Two Quest QSA 200i have also been installed in the Green Room to listen the command from the anchor/show coordinator and enjoy the audio of the show who waits for their turn for the performance.  

Since, the college conducts many cultural programmes which includes live performances of the Bands etc., the management decided to keep the Three SM58S Dynamic Vocal Microphone, Two Beta58A Vocal Microphone, Two SM57-LC Dynamic Instrument Microphone, One PGDRUMKIT7 Drum Microphone Kit and one SRH840A Professional Monitoring Headphone (for the performer) in the inventory.

K.C. Pant, General Manager @ Sun Infonet who has been involved in this installation since the inception comments that “For the rich experience of the audience, they have installed a best combination of the gear from the best brands which are well known for their quality of output and versatile features”

Kapil Pathak, In-charge of this facility, comments “Getting best sound system was the priority and requirement of the premises.  Easy operation, best output, trouble free execution was the main objectives of the management and his work become easy, when all the gear work properly.  Team Sun Infonet has made his work easy by installing products which are user-friendly and fulfils the requirement of the Auditorium and expectations of the management. Being an in-charge of this facility, he is responsible for all the functions and curricular activities”.