It is always said by audio professionals, the lesser the number of speakers, lesser the problems. Limited number of better quality speakers reduce phase cancellation and create higher quality audio reproduction.  Lesser count of speakers is also a small contribution to a greener world. Meyer sound provides the perfect solution for such elite and premium experiences.

Point source speakers as the name suggests are speaker cabinets that comprise of one or multiple drivers creating a full frequency spectrum from a single point. They are available in a variety of sizes and are part of the PA system solutions for many kinds of corporate spaces ranging from Boardrooms, Training rooms & Cafeteria.

Well the first question as an end user or a system integrator is to understand the Goal/Application of the venue. If the venue is small and just speech is the primary requirement, ceiling speakers would suffice the needs of that room. But in advanced applications where there would be stereo audio/video content to be played back, ceiling speakers fail to justify the artistic value of the content. This might create a setback when you would be showcasing your content to clients in your venue.

The next question is which speakers to choose? There are various varieties of speakers available in the market. The System Integrators / Consultants need to consider the various aspects like Dimension, Acoustics, available mounting position as well as aesthetics before suggesting a solution. 

When there is a need for applications like monitoring your ads, marketing content and various other hi-quality contents.  FOH system i.e. two speakers on each side of the screen is a perfect choice. In this scenario, if the room dimensions are large, delay speakers i.e. a second set of speakers can be opted and installed on walls in the middle of the room depending on the speakers chosen.

For smaller rooms of 20 x 15 feet in size, FOH Meyer Sound MM4XP speakers coupled with MM10 subwoofer are a perfect solution.  MM4XP, a  4” inch small compact speaker can also be flushed into the wall with customised RAL colour to match the aesthetics of the room. 

For Larger spaces like experience centres, cafeteria and large boardrooms, Meyer Sound UP4 Slim speakers coupled with MM10 subwoofers would be a perfect solution. With its compact size, higher power to size ratio and ability to be flushed, it makes it the apt solution for the venue. UP4Slim is a Dual 4” driver & 1” tweeter configuration and comes in many rigging options.

Understand the goals of the venue , seek  quality and choose the right speakers. These are the ultimate aim for optimum point source solution

We at Sun Infonet as a distributor present a reliable solution which in turn helps the industry professionals to suggest a perfect, reliable and compact solution to the customers.