High channel counts, complex setups, and constrained spectrum are some of the common hurdles in today’s major events and tours. Therefore, Axient Digital was developed to make sure that the most demanding wireless needs are met with input from top audio professionals. All features have been stress-tested and fine-tuned, even designed to maximize stability, quality, control, and scalability. We can safely assure our customers that Axient Digital is engineered for those moments that command the highest degree of attention and professionalism. 

Why you should trust in Axient® Digital: 

One of the best things that musicians can accomplish is the chance to perform in front of thousands or millions. Once that dream is achieved, on some of the largest stages in the world, with everyone watching, the wireless microphone cannot let you down. It has to glow in the shine of the spotlight, allowing you to succeed. The audio must be clear, and it must be true. No other system is up to the challenge quite like Axient® Digital, here’s why: 

  1. Designed for the stage

Don’t let us do the talking, the product does it for you. Axient Digital is well known today for being the ideal wireless solution for some of the biggest stages such as major award shows, halftime performances, music festivals, broadcast and also broadway. As you can see the quality of the system audio is designed for professionals to count on when sound is critical.

  1. True sound

Transparent audio comes through—artifacts and color don’t. For true sound to come through, there is impressively low latency, flat frequency response, and multiple digital audio output options. This ensures that the sound fills every corner of the space making it clean and clear.

  1. Safeguard your signal

If life throws you a tough, spectrum environment, Axient Digital is tougher. With next generation digital radio with encryption, quadversity and High Density modes and true digital diversity, there’s always a way to see through the noise.

  1. Streamlined management

Is Axient Digital efficient? The points above state so but there’s more to it. To become the bedrock of reliability, Axient Digital gives you more command & control. You can cater to all your needs with wide tuning receivers and transmitters, to Wireless Workbench® and ShowLink® control, to networked charging and more, it improves every part of your workflow.


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